• Do you get anxious singing, speaking or presenting your work in public?
  • Do you find your colleagues difficult to work with?
  • Can you give an excellent performance even if you feel overwhelmed by fear?

To experience stage fright can be utterly terrifying, and the feeling of not being in control of either your body or your emotions creates a major lack of confidence. This often leads to a cycle of performance anxiety, poor performance and low self-esteem.

Is this something that you relate to? If so, would you like to find ways of breaking these fear patterns?

If the answer is ‘Yes!’ I can help you. Together we can create strategies to uncover your authentic voice, allowing you to perform wholeheartedly in the way you always dreamed of.

Or maybe you can’t put your finger on a specific problem but you know that life should be more fun than it is. Perhaps you’re feeling really stuck, or too scared to take the next step. Whether you’re in a conflict, thinking the same negative thoughts over and over, or just want to express yourself better, I can help you with ideas, strategies and techniques to put you back on track.

What I don’t do!
I don’t work with word learning, vocal coaching or music tuition. But I do have a number of skills and techniques that help singers, actors and performers feel more confident, communicate more effectively and stay in control of their performing.

So if you need help with confidence, communication or effective performance, I can work with you to develop these skills.


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