The following testimonials are reproduced here with the explicit permission of the clients concerned.

Testimonials from the performing arts
General testimonials


Testimonials from the performing arts

Elisabeth's empathy, dedication and advice is of the highest order. She has the ablity to identify the root of your problem and help you resolve your attitude towards it. Working privately with Elisabeth was so rewarding that we invited her to teach communication skills on our own teacher training programme. We've never regretted that decision.
Jeremy Fisher, performance coach and director, Vocal Process


At the end of two lengthy therapies the panic attacks that I went for were no better. After going to Elisabeth for a relatively short time these began to ameliorate and are almost gone now.

I also find that being given tools suggested by Elisabeth and using them has made my life so much better. It is possible to change old habits, negative thinking and to alter unhelpful use of language and focus.

It is like the sun has come out and burnt off the early morning mist of the past.

This is really only possible because of Elisabeth's total acceptance of how a person is, her belief that change is possible and her ability to provide the right tools at the right time for facilitating this. This is because of her empathy and provision of a safe place to begin the work.
Meg, London


I first met Elisabeth Stirling (mezzo soprano) as a fellow musician when we performed the premiere of a new choral work in 2007. Elisabeth was performing the leading role as one of the four soloists.

Before the concert I was hugely impressed by the way Elisabeth handled her nerves. She was calm, focused, alert and proved to be totally in control of her stage presence throughout the performance. As a nervous performer myself I was drawn to her and wanted to know how she managed such confidence. After the concert Elisabeth explained how NLP had influenced not only her ability to communicate as a performer but how it had helped her move on in every area of her life.

Elisabeth became my NLP counsellor and has shown me how to achieve the ambitions in my life that I so desperately wanted and how to take the opportunities that were simply passing me by as I grew older. I had an enormous problem with procrastination which stopped me achieving my goals and led to depression. Through Neuro Linguistic Programming I can realise my potential by approaching tasks with a positive attitude, realistic planning targets and recognition of success when I achieve my goal.

In the last four years I have passed my driving test, resolved my debt problem, formed a working jazz trio and, most importantly, married the woman I love. NLP is not a quick fix; it requires a willingness to change negative habits. NLP gives me a tangible method of doing what I really want to do with my life and Elisabeth has been a wise, kind and encouraging guide to understanding myself.

Truly knowing what I want to do with my life has made me very happy.
Andrew, Surrey


I would not have believed that such immediate positive results were possible.
Pete, Finsbury Park


The session with you was very helpful; it helped clear my mind of silly insecurities and put me in the confident, clear, professional state of mind that I needed to be in for my audition for xxxx (national opera company, London). The audition was fun, friendly and I was confident and sang very well. I was very pleased. I heard TODAY that they would like me to sing for them next season. I’m so happy about this.
Name withheld


I’m so pleased with the work we are doing Elisabeth. I’ve gained so much confidence, and my attitude to myself and my capabilities is changing/ evolving. I am committed to “upping” the stakes and so look forward to future work with you and putting my insecurities and procrastination behind me. You have transformed things for me, Elisabeth, and you simply have no idea what this means to me. THANK you.
Kathy, London


I have come to solo singing very late at 57 and I am now 65. A professional musician said that I sound like a young woman and a professional singer. NLP has enabled me to open up to sing from the heart and to expand my range of emotions. It also facilitates better communication and understanding of situations. Elisabeth has helped me to realise that old, unhelpful attitudes and ways of expression can be changed and she has given me the tools to do this. There is great plasticity of the mind.

It is very difficult to put into words just what a brilliant and life changing thing NLP can be. Elisabeth provides a safe environment and is patient and accepting as the struggle to unhook from past ways goes along. She is compassionate and kind as she gently but firmly refocuses you.

I still find my life opening up and expanding.
Mary, Dartford


General testimonials

It’s funny how things seem so simple afterwards, and the build-up to making the phone call to xxxx made the call such an anti-climax! Preparing what I was going to say was so important and being honest to myself made the communication so easy.
Steve, Coventry


Thank you for your patience, understanding, kindness, love and skill in our sessions so far. I feel as if I am slowly finding my way…
Louise, Finchley


Our last session I found both rattling (you devils’ advocate, you!) and very useful. I had just got myself in one big anxious pickle and couldn’t find my way out. Afterwards I just got down and focussed on the jobs in hand.
Helen, Gloucestershire


Elisabeth has changed my way of thinking about my attitude to people. I know now that I can change and for the better, for myself and for those around me. This has given me a more positive thought process and enabled me to move forward with enthusiasm. Thanks Elisabeth.
Judy, Ivybridge


Having been diagnosed with claustrophobia in 1980, due to participating in underwater trials during which I experienced near-drowning in the early 1970s whilst serving in the Royal Marines, I have since lived with the feelings of often waking up in panic with the sense of drowning, being trapped and my life threatened, thus making me frantically seek fresh air to breathe from an open, familiar and unconfined space.

Since 2000, these symptoms became far more severe and frequent to the extent of eventually being unable to have a shower or bath, remain in the house, go on holiday or stay away overnight, clean my teeth or even drink water. Having reached utter despair in April 2007, when I felt unable to cope any more and needing help, I was advised by my GP to contact Elisabeth Stirling for NLP treatment.

Before this I had sought help from acupuncture, CBT and EMDR at considerable cost and was thus somewhat sceptical at now embarking on NLP. However, I found Elisabeth Stirling to be a charming and most professional person with compassion, common sense and an obvious desire to help me overcome my feelings of not being in control. I am perhaps someone with a 'black and white' outlook on life but she ably assisted me to resolve my doubts about yet another apparently 'wacky' treatment. Furthermore, her counselling was instrumental in my seeking a new diagnosis of my symptoms as part of the treatment and it was confirmed in 2009 that I was suffering from severe, and often chronic, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

NLP has certainly assisted me to control my feelings and there seems little other help available to match it. But clearly success relies upon one's commitment and wish to succeed. After accepting this 'mental illness' for many years as part of my life, I realise that I still have to live with the 'monkey on my back', but not let it dominate my existence. I am now aware of the techniques to reduce and cope with my fears in order to live a reasonable life and, above all, thus avoid the need for any dependence on medication.
Chris, Devon


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